How does EasyRoutes work with Shopify Orders (Local Delivery, Local Pickup) and Information from Shopify Apps?

Switching over from the Shopify Local Delivery app? Read our migration guide.

EasyRoutes is designed to let you plan routes for any Shopify order in your system, so whether it's someone checking out from your storefront, or your POS, or it's from a draft order, you can use those orders for route planning,  as long as they have a shipping address

So if you have orders without a shipping address, e.g. Shopify Local Pickup orders, you can also add these to EasyRoutes once you add a shipping address to those orders. 

EasyRoutes also supports the addition of orders or stops from outside of your Shopify orders in the following ways - but the CSV and 'manual stops' options won't be full Shopify orders.

  • Import Orders from CSV: Upload a .CSV file containing your delivery list. Your CSV file must include a header row and must contain at least one column of delivery addresses in the following format: Street Number and Name, Unit Number (if applicable), City, State/Province (if applicable), Country
  • Add a Stop: Use the Edit -> Add Stop functionality to add a stop to an existing route using the Edit Route functionality - this is useful for adding breaks, manual orders that are already in your other systems, or other stops that drivers must make on the route.
  • Use a Draft Order: Create a Draft Order in your Shopify admin that you can then route directly in EasyRoutes. This allows you to cross link a draft order with your customer and inventory information as needed. It also helps you continue to process this order with workflows around fulfillment within Shopify.

We support filtering orders by tags and attributes -- so depending on your app, you can filter orders tagged this way or use information stored from third-party applications in your order by turning your attributes settings on. 

You can find order details the Additional Details or Tags section of an individual order on your Shopify Admin. You can enable Order Attributes or Order Tags in your EasyRoutes settings and you can use this information for planning or to show this to your driver directly. This is how we would integrate with most other third-party apps. 

We also have a setting specifically designed for showing a delivery date collected from most popular date scheduling apps. You can learn more about that here.

You can do so by checking these fields in your settings (under the Orders Page Tab and the Route Page Tab) and saving your settings.

For example, if you're using Zapiet you can use tags to filter orders by delivery date for planning. You will just need to turn on Tags or Delivery Date in your EasyRoutes Settings as per above. Beyond that we would not have the ability to access data that is stored in another third party application if they are not putting it into the Shopify order object.

We also integrate with apps that help you collect additional information from your product items under product properties like Infinite Options -- you can show this information by checking "Item Properties" in your settings.

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