How do I filter orders by delivery date on EasyRoutes?

Option 1: Enable the Delivery Date and Time Window columns in your Settings

EasyRoutes comes with a setting that you can enable for showing the delivery date collected via the most popular Shopify date scheduling apps in the Shopify App Store.  

  1. Check Delivery Date in your EasyRoutes Settings under General > Orders Dashboard.

Once enabled, there will be a corresponding Delivery Date filter available under More Filters that you can use for filtering dates.

Do you also provide a delivery time window?

  1. Check Time Window in your EasyRoutes Settings under General > Orders Dashboard.

Routes planned with a scheduled delivery date/time will also account for the order's collected time window that you see in your Time Window column.

Here is the latest list of supported apps (beta):

Is your app not currently supported? Review Option 2 below.

Option 2: Filter Using Order Tags and Attributes

We support filtering orders by tags and attributes -- so depending on your app, you can filter orders tagged this way or use information stored from third-party applications in your order by turning your attributes settings on. 

You can find order details the Additional Details or Tags section of an individual order on your Shopify Admin. You can enable Order Attributes or Order Tags in your EasyRoutes settings and you can use this information for planning or to show this to your driver directly. This is how we would integrate every third-party apps. 

To view tags and attributes inline for your orders, check these fields in your EasyRoutes Settings under General > Orders Dashboard.

Side note: if you are collecting delivery dates only via an item's properties, we also integrate with apps that help you collect additional information from your product items under product properties like Infinite Options. You can use view and use this information for planning by checking "Item Properties" in your settings.

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