How do I refresh out-of-date order information?

EasyRoutes syncs order data as the routes when they are fulfilled (via mark as ready) or when you dispatch a route to a driver, although it's possible to opt out of syncing this information. When changes are made directly to an order, sometimes the up-to-date information may not appear in existing routes that have been created. If you need to sync order data more frequently to a route, we do have a way for you to update your route manually. 


  1. Go to your route page
  2. Click the "Additional actions" (three dots icon) button above your list of stops, 
  3. Select Update order data

When do order selections get out of date?

When order data is re-synced using the "Update order data" action or "Re-sync order data on fulfill" action when stops are marked as Ready or dispatched (shown below), it is possible that selections made on orders cannot reliably be set.

This happens because the underlying order item data has changed.

A banner will be displayed at the top of the route page to indicate that the order data has changed and order statuses will not be updated.

You can then either perform the Mark as ready action again, manually update stop statuses or ensure that order items selected on the stop are still up to date.

Stops with reset selections will display an alert icon next to their items:

How do I update edited shipping addresses?

When refreshing order data from Shopify, EasyRoutes will indicate when the shipping address may have been edited. By default EasyRoutes will not automatically update the stop location when refreshing order data to avoid overwriting any manual adjustments to stop locations.

To resolve, edit the stop and review the stop information. The order's shipping address is shown at the bottom and can be used by clicking on the Reset Address Fields link. Click Update and then Save to persist the changes to the route. You will typically want to re-optimize the route to ensure the delivery route is optimized for the new shipping address.

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