How do I re-optimize a route?

If you have made changes to your route and you wish to re-optimize it, click the "Additional actions" (three dots icon) button found underneath your map, and select Re-optimize:

Re-optimizing Unstarted Routes

Routes that have not been started, but have had stops manually moved from their originally optimized order, can be re-optimized to restore the most efficient stop order. A warning will indicate that manually reordered stops will be undone:

Note: The Re-optimize function will be disabled if the route is still in its original optimized order (i.e. if no stops have been manually moved from their initially optimized sequence).

Re-optimizing Routes in Progress

Routes that have already been started can also be re-optimized - a warning will indicate that manually reordered stops will be undone:

If any stops in the route have been marked as Delivered or Attempted out of order from their initially optimized sequence, EasyRoutes will instead consolidate all remaining stops and sort them into a newly optimized sequence:

Allow drivers to re-optimize an in-progress route

Note: this feature is currently only available on Premium and Enterprise pricing plans.

Occasionally, drivers may complete stops in a different order than originally planned. Enable this setting (found in EasyRoutes Settings > Driver settings tab, in the Driver app settings section) to allow drivers to trigger route re-optimization and find the best order for any remaining stops:

Caution: Re-optimizing an in-progress route may change the order of stops from what was planned and recalculate directions and ETAs. The setting to allow drivers to trigger re-optimization is off by default.

See this support article for details on how re-optimization of routes in progress works in the Delivery Driver mobile app.

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