How do I print Packing Slips?

We provide a few options that help you with printing packing slips.

Option 1: Using EasyRoutes Packing Slips

Note: EasyRoutes Packing Slips are available with any of our paid plans.

Visit the route you would like to generate packing slips for. Click on the Print icon above your list of stops to access the Print Preview menu:

Check the box for "Packing slips" from the "Print the following" menu, and click Print to generate and print all packing slips for this route.

These packing slips can be further customized in your EasyRoutes settings.

Troubleshooting Tips

Our packing labels are used for printing in a variety of layouts and sizes. Here are some common scenarios to review:

  1. Need the font size to be larger or smaller? You can customize the font sizes on packing slips in our Settings -> Packing Slips and Labels.
  2. Double check your paper size and orientation. Ensure that you have selected the correct paper size in your printer settings and the desired orientation
  3. Test different scale values. Try different 'scale' values that help zoom in or out appropriately for the label that you are trying to print.
  4. Printing directly in the browser or from a saved PDF can yield different results. Test printing directly from the browser, vs. printing from a PDF to see what works better for your printer/device.
  5. Ensure you are using the desired browser printing or printer options. For example, if you want to remove the web page header and footers, uncheck the equivalent of "Print header and footer" in your printer settings.

Option 2: Using Shopify's Packing Slips

If you are using Shopify's Packing Slips (e.g. the PDFs), we can help link out to all of your orders within a route using the View in orders page action, where you can then bulk print the packing slips:

Shopify does not currently provide a programatic way for us to access it so we aren't able to help you print or generate these in the route order even if we pass orders in by the route's order.

Option 3: Printing Custom Packing Slips

We also provide some alternatives in our Print Options for printing packing information in route order.

  1. Our Print Preview (see Option 1 above) includes the items for each order/stop inline - and we provide some extra print options for generating a print out for your driver.
  2. You can also print packing slips in route order using the Order Printer Pro app from the "Send to app" dropdown menu, which would help you generate custom packing slips, and we are able to send orders to the app in the route's order:

  1. You can also print custom packing slips using the Order Printer app from Shopify, but to note, it does not generate the slips in route order.

Additional Tip: configure your EasyRoutes Settings to always show your inventory line items by checking Display order items in-line under Settings -> General -> Route Page Options -> Additional options.

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