How does EasyRoutes work with Shopify Subscriptions?

EasyRoutes' compatibility with Subscriptions is dependent on how third party apps represent subscriptions. 

Apps that generate new orders for each subscription charge:

These will be treated as separate orders in EasyRoutes and should function the same as any normal order.

Apps that create a single order to represent an entire subscription with "Scheduled" portions of the order:

This is part of the new Shopify Subscriptions API. Improvements are on the roadmap as this new API matures.

How Scheduled order items are represented:

Orders are displayed with a Scheduled fulfillment status in the Orders table when they contain only scheduled parts or a mix of scheduled and fulfilled parts. When Scheduled parts of an order become Unfulfilled, the order row will then be displayed as Unfulfilled. 

You can adjust filters on the Orders table to display Scheduled orders by selecting the "Scheduled" item in the "Fulfillment" dropdown: 

Item details on the Orders and Route Details pages will display which parts of orders are Scheduled with quantities:

Adding orders to routes that have Scheduled parts

Any order can be added to a route regardless of fulfillment status. Scheduled parts of orders cannot be fulfilled until they have an Unfulfilled status and stops cannot be assigned to Scheduled parts of orders. 

  • If an order contains a mixture of Scheduled, Unfulfilled and Fulfilled parts, the stop assignment will default to the Unfulfilled items. 
  • If the stop contains a mixture of Scheduled and Fulfilled parts, the stop assignment will default to the first fulfillment.

If a stop in a route is linked to an order that has new Unfulfilled parts after it is added to a route, you can update the stop to use the latest order information using the Update Order Data button on the Route page, from the Additional Actions (three dots icon) menu:

You can then adjust which part of the order is associated with the stop as you would with a partial fulfillment. See our help article on Partial Fulfillment for more info.  

Note: Inventory, weights and prices in Order rows will display for entire orders, including scheduled parts. 

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