Partial Fulfillment

EasyRoutes supports the use of partially fulfilled orders in your delivery routes. To do so, you will first need to partially fulfill your order in Shopify and then select that fulfillment from inside of EasyRoutes.

How to Partially Fulfill an Order in Shopify

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.
  2. Click the number of an unfulfilled order.
  3. Click Marked as fulfilled.
  4. From the Fulfillment page, change the number of products that you want to fulfill for each line item in the Items section.
  5. Click Fulfill items. The order screen updates to display the order's Fulfilled and Unfulfilled items.

Note: Shopify does not allow you to partially fulfill Shopify Local Delivery orders. If you have a Local Delivery order you want to fulfill, you will need to Duplicate the order and work with that order for your routing.

How to use Partial Fulfillment an Order in EasyRoutes

When creating a route with a partially fulfilled order, EasyRoutes will select the remaining unfulfilled items by default and have that reflected in stop inventory, packing lists, tracking pages, etc.

On the Orders Page, when you click to view the list of items for an order, you will see it divided into unfulfilled and fulfilled items:


Select the order (as well as any others you want to deliver) and create a route. On the Edit/Review Route page you can change between unfulfilled items and a preexisting fulfillment. Click on the little arrow in the Items column. Click on the Edit link to select your fulfillment:


You can also manually edit a stop to use all items at any time by selecting All Items:

Note:  If you do make edits to an Order or its Fulfillment after a route has been created, you can use the Update Order Data feature to refresh the order information in EasyRoutes:


If you wish to use all items in an order regardless of fulfillment status, you can change this behaviour via the Settings:

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