Troubleshooting Customer Notifications and Tracking Links

First, it's helpful to review how notifications work. Currently, if you are using Shopify notifications, we attempt to send a notification using your Shopify Notification templates for the following events - these events are mapped to states that are a part of a fulfilled order. EasyRoutes currently will attempt to fulfill your order for accessing these notifications.

Notification  Action  Shipping  Local Delivery 
Shipping Confirmation  Fulfilling an order with EasyRoutes (e.g. directly with Fulfill Orders button, or as you mark an order out for delivery/delivered/attempted)  ✅ (based on Tracking Link or EasyRoute settings)* ✅ (based on Tracking Link or EasyRoute settings)
Out for Delivery  Start Delivery Route, or "Out for Delivery" under More Actions  ✅ (if enabled in your Shopify Notification Settings)*  ✅ (if enabled in your Shopify Notification Settings) 
Delivered  Mark as Delivered  ✅ (if enabled in your Shopify Notification Settings)*  ✅ (if enabled in your Shopify Notification Settings) 
Missed Delivery  "Attempted Delivery" under More Actions  Does not send email (but you can see this status on your route)  ✅ (if enabled in your Shopify Notification Settings)

*For SMS notifications, here's the article in the Shopify Help Centre on the topic. Shopify SMS notifications are only available to orders that are shipping using Shopify's Local Delivery method.

Read more about Customer Notifications for details on this topic.

Second, EasyRoutes provides a Customer Tracking Link when we create a fulfillment on your order - do you have a workflow where you fulfill your order before you use EasyRoutes? If so, review troubleshooting steps below.

Troubleshooting Steps

Are your customers receiving a notification on their Shopify order? 

If you are checking to see why your customer may not be receiving a Shopify notification, follow these steps to confirm what is happening:

  • Review the order's Notification History in EasyRoutes.
  • Review your store's Notification Settings and ensure that the desired events are enabled (e.g. Delivered, Out for Delivery)
    • Note that added/imported email stops have their own templates and are only enabled with custom notifications on.
  • For Shopify Notifications, you can also see what has been sent on the Order Timeline for a sample order to diagnose what was triggered (e.g. EasyRoutes will fulfill an order and mark it as delivered and trigger this notification and this will be reflected in the order timeline). For example, if you have these notifications disabled, then these events may not be triggered -- or you may find that this notification was sent, but your customer may not have received them due to their own issues with email, etc.
    • If you see events, it should look something like the below:

If you find that you have all your settings turned on as expected, but you are still not seeing a notification event in your order's timeline, please share a screenshot of your order and send a support request.

If you are seeing a notification event on your order timeline, then chances are that any delivery issues are related to spam filtering, delivery issues related to your customer. You can attempt to clear this up with your customer and use the provided "Resend email" functionality for the "shipping confirmation" event for testing.

When does a customer get an SMS notification from Shopify? 

Currently, we sync up with your Shopify notifications for how we work with customer notifications. For SMS notifications, here's the article in the Shopify Help Centre on the topic.  Note: The Out for Delivery and Delivered notifications through Shopify on SMS are only available to orders that are shipping using Shopify's Local Delivery methodIf your customer originally entered a phone number with their order, then it's already on an SMS notification. If your customer originally chose email, then they can opt in to order tracking with SMS on their order status page, and that's when the SMS notifications are sent. 

Is there a customer tracking link attached to the order fulfillment?

We provide information like ETA via the tracking link - and we attach these when we fulfill your order. To note, the tracking number and URL are added to your order's fulfillment when we fulfill it with EasyRoutes -- you can verify this by seeing if you see this the tracking number within an Order's fulfillment. 

Do you have a workflow where you are fulfilling your orders before using EasyRoutes? 

1. Confirm that you aren't auto-fulfilling your orders that you are planning with EasyRoutes in your checkout settings if that isn't the desired behaviour.

2. Alternatively, update this setting where you can add the EasyRoutes tracking URL to existing fulfillments (this is off by default and you'll need to visit your settings to check this box and update your settings):


If you see the tracking number on the order itself, but you don't see it in the email notification/

If you are using Shopify email notifications, t's possible that you don't have the default snippet in your notifications if your template was heavily modified or if your store is older. By default if there's a tracking number and URL from EasyRoutes added to an order, you'll see this both in your order status and in the fulfillment section of an order, and you'll see it also in the default email template: 

Note: The tracking link will be inserted automatically in your default email template, however if you have heavily modified this template you may need to manually insert the link using the following code snippet:
{% if fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size > 0 %}<br>  <p><br>    <br/><br>    {% if fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size == 1 and fulfillment.tracking_company and fulfillment.tracking_url %}<br>      {{ fulfillment.tracking_company }} tracking number: <a href="{{ fulfillment.tracking_url }}">{{ fulfillment.tracking_numbers.first }}</a><br>    {% elsif fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size == 1 %}<br>      Tracking number: {{ fulfillment.tracking_numbers.first }}<br>    {% else %}<br>      Tracking numbers:<br /><br>      {% for tracking_number in fulfillment.tracking_numbers %}<br>        {{ tracking_number }}<br /><br>      {% endfor %}<br>    {% endif %}<br>  </p><br>{% endif %}

Please send a support request if the above troubleshooting steps do not solve your issues.

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