How do I know which notifications were sent? (Notification History)

You can see a full timeline of what notifications have been sent through EasyRoutes with our Notifications History view.

Generally speaking, if there is a notification history event here, this corresponds to a successful email and SMS notification.

To do so, open the Actions menu (three dots icon) next to the stop whose notification history you want to check and click the Notification History option.

A modal will pop up showing you what notifications have been sent and exactly when they were sent:

For Shopify based notifications, you can also see what notifications have been sent in the Timeline section when viewing an order in Shopify.

Troubleshooting Notification History

I do not see a notification history event

See Troubleshooting Customer Notifications and Tracking Links for more on the topic.

I am seeing an error in my notification history

If you notice an error in your notification history, it generally means that EasyRoutes wasn't able to send a notification on your behalf. This is usually due to the lack of a phone number or an email on the stop. For SMS, learn more about how we determine what number to use here. There are rare occasions where we may have a delivery issue related to our messaging provider or carrier and network issues that are captured this way. For additional support, contact us with order, stop, and route details, along with relevant contact information if you confirm that the stop is not missing required contact information.

I am seeing a delivered event in my notification history with no contact information

It's possible for us to be pulling in notification events for Shopify local delivery orders that correspond to these events. Ensure you have unchecked the boxes next to your Local Delivery Notifications in your Shopify Notification Settings to prevent Shopify's built-in notifications sending along with EasyRoutes' emails. And confirm that these events exist on the order's Order Timeline.

My customers are reporting they did not see a notification even though it was successfully sent

If you notice a "successful event" in your notification history, it usually means the email or SMS notification was delivered successfully.

Troubleshooting Email Notifications that were successfully sent

For EasyRoutes email notifications, we strive for high email deliverability, with less than 0.0x% marked as spam. Our emails reach most mainstream inboxes like Gmail and Hotmail. However, individual spam filters may differ, leading to rare edge cases.

Regardless, Shopify email notifications where you do see a notification event in the Order Timeline also generally indicates that the email was successfully sent. Shopify support can generally help validate if there are any deliverability issues related to their email service as well.

If your customers or staff aren't receiving email notifications, then tell them to check their spam or junk folder. If the problem persists, ask them to supply an alternate email address using a different email provider.

An email will not be sent to a user if they have unsubscribed from a Roundtrip email in the past. Unsubscribes are global and the unsubscribe status of an email may not be known until after the stop notification event is initiated resulting in a successful status shown in Notification History. An end customer can send an email to using the unsubscribed email address to resubscribe to Roundtrip emails.

Troubleshooting SMS Notifications that were successfully sent

For EasyRoutes SMS notifications, a successful delivery event generally means it was successfully delivered both by our messaging provider and we received a successful delivery event from their local carrier network partners.

If your customers aren't receiving SMS notifications, provide the following troubleshooting steps if they are confirming that they did not receive a Delivered SMS:

  • Can your customer confirm that they checked their filtered or spam SMS folder(s)?
  • Is the customer's destination device powered on?
  • Does the device have sufficient signal? If not power the device off, wait 30 seconds, and then power it back up.
  • Is the device connected to the home carrier's network? We cannot guarantee message delivery on devices roaming internationally, or off-network.
  • Can the device receive non-Twilio SMS at the moment?

For additional support, contact us with order, stop, and route details, along with relevant contact information if the above troubleshooting steps aren't helpful.

It is possible to have false positive delivery reports for international SMS in certain countries, but this is exceedingly rare. Generally, the troubleshooting steps above are the likely causes for your customer's experience. In this scenario, once you've confirmed that this issue still persists after reviewing the troubleshooting steps above with your customer, please contact EasyRoutes support with your specific messages where you are seeing an issue and we will work with our messaging provider to investigate further based on all the information that you provide.

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