Customizable Order Tracking Pages and Links

Keep your customers informed every step of the way with customizable order tracking pages. Add your store logo, change the background colour, and edit the text to create the tracking page that best compliments your business and the delivery experience you want to offer your customers.

Want to learn more about how to send delivery updates to your customers? Read more about delivery notifications.

How to Edit Order Tracking Pages

To edit your Tracking Pages, click on the "Settings" tab from the EasyRoutes app navigation and select the "Order Tracking" page.

How to Preview Your Order Tracking Pages

You can preview your customer tracking page by clicking the Preview button in the Preview Tracking Page section at the top of the page. You can select which order status you would like to preview in the drop-down selector (Out for Delivery, Delivered, etc.). The preview will appear in a pop-up modal.

Close it to return back to editing.

Saving Your Changes

When you are happy with your Tracking Page, click the Save button to apply your changes.

Email Templates

The tracking link will be inserted automatically in your default email template, however if you have heavily modified this template before, you may need to manually insert the link using the following code snippet:

{% if fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size > 0 %}<br> <p><br> <br/><br> {% if fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size == 1 and fulfillment.tracking_company and fulfillment.tracking_url %}<br> {{ fulfillment.tracking_company }} tracking number: <a href="{{ fulfillment.tracking_url }}">{{ fulfillment.tracking_numbers.first }}</a><br> {% elsif fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size == 1 %}<br> Tracking number: {{ fulfillment.tracking_numbers.first }}<br> {% else %}<br> Tracking numbers:<br /><br> {% for tracking_number in fulfillment.tracking_numbers %}<br> {{ tracking_number }}<br /><br> {% endfor %}<br> {% endif %}<br> </p><br>{% endif %}

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