Real-Time Driver Location Tracking

EasyRoutes provides real-time driver location data for active and completed routes, including: 

  • Live GPS location of drivers on active routes and route groups
  • A Tracking tab for active and completed routes, featuring at-a-glance information as stops are completed in real-time
  • An option for displaying live driver location on customer order tracking links when a driver is one stop away

Note: Real-time driver location tracking is currently only available on EasyRoutes Premium & Enterprise pricing plans.

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Enable real-time tracking in your store

To get started, check "Enable real-time tracking" to turn on this feature in your store at Settings -> Driver Settings:

Step 2: Require your drivers to start the delivery route (optional)

To ensure your drivers start their routes before making any deliveries we recommend enabling the following settings so that real-time location tracking is enabled and any notifications are delivered at the beginning of the route. Check both the "Show 'Start Delivery' button" and "Require driver to start route before being able to update stops" at Settings -> Driver Settings:

Step 3: Ensure your drivers have the latest mobile app and updated location permissions

Ensure your drivers have the latest public version of EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app. See Where can I download the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app? to visit the Android / iOS app store link to check for and install the latest version of EasyRoutes.

After tracking is enabled in your store in Step 1, your drivers will be required to accept additional background location tracking permissions when starting delivery routes for this feature to work:

iOS Location Permissions:

  1. Open your phone's settings
  2. Select Privacy & Security 
  3. Select Location Services
  4. Ensure the "Location Services" slider is turned on
  5. Scroll down and select EasyRoutes
  6. Ensure "Always" is selected, and the "Precise Location" slider is turned on

Android Location Permissions:

  1. Open your phone's settings
  2. Select Apps 
  3. Select EasyRoutes 
  4. Select Permissions
  5. Select Location
  6. Ensure "Allow all the time" is selected, and the "Use precise location" slider is turned on

How it works

Once real-time driver tracking is enabled and permissions are approved, drivers will see a blinking red dot on the route list and individual route pages for any route that is being tracked. Drivers have the option to tap "Stop tracking" to disable live location tracking, and will be prompted that real-time tracking will be enabled again when tapping "Resume" to continue their route:

When real-time tracking is enabled and a route has started, a tracking tab will be visible on the route's page showing the driver's most recent location (represented by a large red dot), a dashed line with their past path, and at-a-glance information for the next stop:

Routes that are planned as part of a Group can be tracked simultaneously by selecting "All routes" once viewing a Route Group's Tracking tab:

When tracking a Route Group, the real-time location dot will display in the same colour as the route it applies to (instead of red) in order to prevent confusion over which driver dot applies to which route:

As stops are completed, their map pins will update to show a green dot (Marked as Delivered, as shown for stop pins #1 and #2 below) or a red dot (Marked as Attempted, as shown for stop pin #3 below):

The table of stops below the map will also update in real time to reflect the precise time an order was marked as Delivered or Attempted - this can be found under the "Completed at" column for each stop. GPS location data captured for each stop when marked as Delivered or Attempted can be accessed by clicking the pin icon under the "Proof" column on the far right of any order's line, along with any other Proof of Delivery items captured by a driver as soon as they're uploaded:

Real-Time Location on Customer Tracking Pages:

Once enabled, customer tracking pages can be configured to display a delivery driver's real-time location when a customer's stop is next on their route (represented by an orange car pin as shown above) - see this support article for instructions on setting this feature up.


Why am I not seeing a tracking tab?

  • Make sure real-time tracking is both available in your plan enabled in settings
  • Make sure the route has either Started or is Completed

Why am I seeing "No tracking data recorded yet"?

  • When enabled, the tracking tab shows up on all Started and Completed routes so old routes won't have any data associated with them
  • For newer routes, make sure your drivers have enabled location tracking. They can manually enable and verify the permissions in their iOS / Android settings for EasyRoutes match what's shown below:

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