Troubleshooting Fulfillment

Creating Fulfillments

Check out the Partial Fulfillment help article for information on how to handle orders that are partially fuflilled or have multiple fulfillments.

An order can be fulfilled several different ways:

1. Using the Fulfill functionality on a route as described in fulfilling orders

When an order is added to a route, a stop is created with a fulfillment status. When the fulfillment status of the stop is updated in Easyroutes using the "Fulfill orders" button (seen above), the stop is considered fulfilled. The "Fulfill orders" button will not be available if an a fulfillment associated with this stop is marked as unfulfilled (cancel fulfillment on the order page) or new, unfulfilled items are added to the order after the stop has been marked as fulfilled. 

If a fulfillment is changed manually after being fulfilled in Easyroutes and you wish to fulfill it using EasyRoutes again, it needs to be removed from the route and added again as a new stop. Additional notifications may be sent if an order is fulfilled multiple times depending on notification status. 

2. Manually via the Shopify orders page

Orders fulfilled outside of EasyRoutes can be added to routes as normal and used for delivery tracking. Orders fulfilled outside of EasyRoutes will not display EasyRoutes customer tracking links in notifications or Shopify order tracking pages.

If the order was fulfilled after it was added to a route, select the Update Order Data to see the correct fulfillment information on the item dropdown.

3. Setting the status of an individual stop to Out for Delivery

This will automatically create a fulfillment for unfulfilled items within the order and generate a customer tracking link (if enabled, see Customer Tracking Links). 


Occasionally Shopify is unable to create fulfillments for particular orders. For example when starting a delivery route you may see something similar to the following:

You may attempt to create fulfillments by clicking on Try Again. This is usually a temporary issue with Shopify that resolves itself in a few minutes.

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