Fulfilling Orders

Unless an order is Fulfilled, EasyRoutes cannot sent Out for Delivery or Delivered notifications. Learn how fulfillment works with Shopify.

You can manually Fulfill orders in EasyRoutes by clicking the Fulfill Orders button at the top of any route.

If you are using Shopify's notifications, this will send the Shipping Confirmation email. If you are using EasyRoutes notifications, you can optionally send the Ready for Delivery notification at this time as well (or you can manually send it by clicking the button underneath the route map).

Orders will also be marked as Fulfilled if and when...

  • ...your driver starts their delivery route by tapping the Start Route button in their mobile app. This will mark the order as Fulfilled and Out for Delivery and trigger the Out for Delivery notification.
  • ...you manually change an order status to Out for Delivery when viewing a route in EasyRoutes.
  • ...you or your driver marks an order as Delivered. This will mark the order as Fulfilled and Delivered and trigger the Delivered notification.
  • ...your driver marks an order as Attempted. This will mark the order as Fulfilled and Attempted and trigger the Attempted Delivery notification.
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