Route Options

EasyRoutes allows you to specify certain parameters when creating a route. These route options can be found in the Route Options box in your Orders Dashboard page:

⭐️ Start location: Set the starting location of your route.

🏁 End location: Set the ending location of your route.

🚗 Create routes for: Set how many routes you would like to generate from your selection of orders. You can also pre-assign the route to your active drivers.

⏱️ Time per stop: How much time to spend at each stop. This helps set better ETAs.

Max route duration: How many hours a route should take to drive (approximately). This is not a hard limit as our routing engine uses some "slack" to help it generate optimal routes.

📍 Max stops per route: Limit the total stops per route.

💸  Avoid tolls: The generated route will avoids tolls roads

⚖️ Balance routes: If splitting orders into more than one route, this option will balance the number of stops between routes.

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