Route Options

EasyRoutes allows you to specify certain parameters when creating a route. These route options can be found in the Route Options box in your Orders Dashboard page:

⭐️  Start location: The starting location of your route.

🏁 End location: The ending location of your route.

⏱️ Time per stop: How much time to spend at each stop.

Max route duration: How many hours a route should take to drive (approximately). This is not a hard limit as our routing engine uses some "slack" to help it generate optimal routes.

🚗 Split orders into: Number of routes to create from your selected orders.

📍 Max stops per route: Limit the total stops per route.

Clicking the "Show more" link will reveal some additional options:

💸  Avoid tolls: The generated route will avoids tolls roads

⚖️ Balance routes: If splitting orders into more than one route, this option will balance the number of stops between routes.

You can learn more about the Route Options in our video on How to Create Routes:

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