☕ Driver Breaks

The Driver breaks feature is currently available for Premium and Enterprise plans only.

With driver breaks, you can schedule blocks of time for your drivers to take a break between delivery stops. Driver breaks may be configured for new and existing routes in Route options.

Once your route is created, breaks appear as pause icons on the route line, as well as individual rows on the Route page, where they can be reordered between stops by dragging:

To edit or remove a break, click on the Actions button (three dots icon) on the break's entry in the Route table:


  • In order to include driver breaks in a route, Route scheduling must also be enabled for the route, and contain a scheduled start time. 
  • Any driver breaks that fall outside the route's scheduled start or end time will be ignored on route creation. 
  • Drivers may need to update to the latest version (1.0.29 or above) of the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver App in order to view breaks within their routes.
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