Route Assistant / Auto-add Orders

The Route assistant will look for new orders matching a set of filters and give notice on route pages.

New Routes:

The Route assistant can be enabled from the Route Options page when creating new routes or route groups:

Any filter views that have been previously saved can be selected using the Select filter view button:

All new orders matching the filters applied for the selected view will be automatically staged for addition to routes from the Add Orders tab.

Existing Routes:

You can enable auto-adding orders from the Add orders tab on existing route pages:

When you select "Enable", the Route Assistant will capture a set of filters and search for matching orders whenever the route is loaded. The set of filters that the Route Assistant will use will match whatever filters are set on the Orders table on the Add Orders tab:

You can optionally set filters on the Add Orders tab using existing Filter Views by selecting the Saved views button:

Once enabled, the Route Assistant will place a banner over the route page whenever you load an unstarted route and new orders are available:

Orders will automatically be staged to add to the route when you load the Add Orders tab.

Note: The Route Assistant feature is currently only available on EasyRoutes Standard, Premium and Enterprise pricing plans.

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