🎛️ EasyRoutes Dashboard

Opening the EasyRoutes app from the Shopify navigation menu will display the EasyRoutes Dashboard, providing quick access to common actions and a summary of your recent EasyRoutes activity:

Once in the Dashboard, you can complete the setup guide (if applicable):

Click "Select orders to deliver" to open the Orders tab and begin picking orders for a route.

Click "Create empty route(s)" to create a new, blank route and set route options before adding any orders.

Quickly access any of your recently created or completed routes from the following two tables, or click the "View routes" button to jump to the Routes tab:

To jump back to the Dashboard from any other page, click "EasyRoutes Local Delivery" from the app's navigation menu:

Note: the Orders tab (formerly the first page you'd see when opening EasyRoutes) can also now be opened from the navigation menu:

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