Rejected Stops

EasyRoutes highlights any bad address you receive to make them easy to correct. You can do this by fixing the address error at the source (the order itself), or you can do it just for that particular stop in your route.

Correcting Order Addresses

Click on the Order # of the rejected stop.

This will take you to that Shopify order. The address will be listed in the right-column under the Customer section. Click the "Edit" link to correct the address.

You can then go back to EasyRoutes and re-add the order to your route.

Correcting Stop Addresses

Click on the Edit button above your list of stops.

Click the pencil icon next to the rejected stop to make your changes. After correcting the address, click the Save button.

You will be taken back to your route page. When you have completed all the edits you would like to make to your route, click the Save button to save your changes.

Then you can re-optimize your route to move your corrected address to the right spot in your stop list.

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