Changing Orders or Addresses to use a Provided Geolocation (Latitude and Longitude), Plus Codes or by Clicking on a Map Pin

Do you have an order or stop where Google Maps is returning a pin in an unexpected location?

Google Maps geolocation generally has a high accuracy, but we do notice an occasional edge case where the address does not validate correctly, and you can usually get the correct pin to show by modifying the address to use a variation of itself (e.g. without a suite/unit number, without an extra second address field, postal code only etc.). This is usually reflected even when you search for the address using the exact query from the provided address manually.

You can edit the address by using the Edit Route feature (see Editing the address of a stop) or by editing the order itself before re-adding it or refreshing a route (using the Update Order Data action) for making a correction and testing for the valid location.

To note, you can show the 'desired' address to your customer while editing the address itself for correcting the pin if you check "Choose a different address to display on route". When you edit an address, check the “Choose a different address to display on route” box.
5) Choose a Display Address for a StopOnce you've done so, you have a new field for a display address, that is copied over from the stop/order:5) Choose a Display Address for a StopNow you can use this as the display address to a stop for your drivers to see in Driver Mode, while you can now edit the address itself to modify or remove address fields, or to provide only a unique identifier (e.g. Postal Code, Plus Code, etc.) for validation in the address fields to generate the pin.

Other Recommended Approaches

First of all, you can always use our manual geocoding mode when you edit a route:

  1. Click on the Action menu at the far-right of the row containing the stop you want to edit.
  2. Select the Edit stop option.
  3. Make your changes to the address.

Steps for editing your geolocation with a new latitude/longitude:

a. Click on Use the latitude and longitude values below for your stop coordinates button under Geocoding Options.

b. Edit or add the Latitude and Longitude values. Alternatively, you can also click on map to update the pin itself.

Steps for editing your geolocation using a Plus Code:

When you click on a Map Pin on Google Maps. You can use either use the latitude and longitude values (e.g. 33.659233, 35.744943) or you can also use the Plus Code provided on the pin descriptor (e.g. MP5V+MX Kafraiya, Lebanon in this case).

To use a Plus Code, clear the existing address fields, then enter the Plus Code itself either into the Address or Postal Code field. Then provide the city and the country.

  1. Once you have edited the address, click the Save button on the Edit Stop screen.
  2. Once you have finished editing your route, click the Save button at the top of the route.
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