How can my customers select a precise location pin?

EasyRoutes attempts to Geocode order addresses to geographic coordinates for planning deliveries. In some areas, or in cases where the input address may not be precise, the resulting map pin may be inaccurate. For these cases, EasyRoutes supports parsing coordinates directly from order attributes.

Several popular Shopify apps allow customers to select a map pin at checkout, and populate the result in the order attributes where it can be used by EasyRoutes

Supported formats

Attribute Key Attribute Value Example
"Latitude/Longitude" "{latitude},{longitude}" {"name": "Latitude/Longitude", "value": "43.4547669,-80.4934466"}



(separate attributes)



{"name": "latitude", "value": "43.4547669"}

{"name": "longitude", "value": "-80.4934466"}

We currently support a limited number of formats. Please contact us if your app's format is not listed.

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