How do I validate the location of a customer for an order?

Supertime is designed to help you easily collect dates in your cart page, and we do not directly manage your shipping methods. We rely on how your pickup or shipping methods are set up.

For example, if you're using Shopify's local delivery method, and you are using radius for calculation, then distance is calculated by point to point distance. So what we usually see are stores thinking that they're supporting a 25km drive, but the radius is actually greater since it's point to point.

If you're using Shopify's local delivery/pickup method, then location validation happens at the point of checkout. With local pickup enabled, then at the shipping address stage, the customer chooses ship or pickup. If pickup is chosen then they can proceed to checkout that way.

If the customer chooses Ship, then shipping methods are displayed based on their validated address. So if you have Local Delivery enabled, then if the shipping address is within your radius, the method shows up at checkout, amongst your other potential shipping options.