How do I dispatch / share routes?

EasyRoutes makes it simple to share and dispatch delivery routes to your drivers who can open their routes using EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app for iOS and Android.

To share a route , you must first assign the route to a driver. The driver assignment selector can be found at the top of your route.

When the route has been assigned to a driver, the "Dispatch Route" button at the top of your route will become active. When you are ready to deliver, click the button.

Clicking the button will open a modal:

If orders in the route are not fulfilled, the warning note will be displayed.

Click the "Fulfill Orders" button to open another modal to fulfill your orders. This means your orders are ready for delivery. When your orders are fulfilled, click the "Send route to" button. EasyRoutes will send a text message to your driver with the link to the route.

Note: You can share a link with your driver without fulfilling your orders first.

The link is valid for 48 hours. After 48 hours you will need to go through the share modal pop-up again to create a new link. You can adjust the expiry period in your settings.

You can stop sharing at any time by clicking the "Stop Sharing" button.