Route Dispatch Links / Driver Self-Assign in Dispatch

With EasyRoutes you can assign a route to a driver, or you can generate a route link that allows your drivers to assign themselves. We call these Dispatch Links.

You can share a Dispatch Link with any driver added to your store and they can preview the route and claim it if they want to assign themselves. Deactivated drivers can also claim a route if there are empty driver seats available.

Note: your drivers must be added to your store to be able to see unassigned routes for your store and to claim the route.

How to Access the Route Dispatch Link

To Generate a Dispatch Link for Self-Assign

To generate a Dispatch Link, go to the route you want to share with your drivers and click the "Dispatch Route" button in the top-right without selecting a driver from the drop-down menu.

A modal window will pop-up. This window will inform you whether you have any driver seats available or not. Click the Dispatch button when you are ready to create your link:

After you click the button, the modal window also show a Dispatch Link:

We provide some buttons to help you quickly share your link. When you are done, click the Done button.

To stop sharing a route, click the Dispatched button to open this modal again, and click the Stop Sharing button.

Your driver can open their EasyRoutes app to see all unassigned routes in your store that are dispatched and claim the route:

When a driver claims this route, EasyRoutes will display that driver in the Driver Assignment drop-down menu.

Route Links for Assigned Routes

For claimed or assigned routes, you can also access the route dispatch link in the Dispatch modal. If this link is opened on a device with a driver app that has its phone number added to the store, then it can also be used to view a summary of the stops and inventory.

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