How do I add a driver?

Invite a driver to deliver for your store by entering their phone number into the Add Driver form in your EasyRoutes settings.

Note: You will need to activate your driver(s) before you can assign a route to them.

If you are doing your own deliveries, you can enter in your own phone number to share routes with yourself.

How to Add a Driver

  1. Click on the Drivers tab from the EasyRoutes navigation menu:

  1. Click the Add Driver button:

  1. A modal window will appear. Enter in your driver's phone number and click the Add Driver button:

This driver will now be added to your store as "Pending Signup" until they download the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app for iOS and Android and set up their driver account.

After their driver account has been set up, their name will appear in your list of drivers for you to activate when you are ready to assign them to a route:

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