How do I manage my driver seats?

EasyRoutes has been designed for flexibility, so you can quickly scale your driver fleet up and down as needed. Instead of paying for individual drivers, with EasyRoutes you just pay for a driver seat and can put any driver in your roster into that seat.

For example, you could have a plan with two driver seats, but have four drivers in your driver roster. You can easily change which two drivers are active at any given time. And, if you have a busy delivery weekend, you can add seats for the additional drivers for that weekend, and then remove the seats after you're done with them. We'll prorate the charges and credits for upgrading and downgrading based on the days with the additional seats added.

Note: You must deactivate your drivers first before you can remove their driver seats.

Managing Driver Seats

  1. Click on the Drivers tab from the EasyRoutes navigation menu:

  1. Click the link next to the Driver Seats label which shows how many active seats you currently have:

  1. A modal will pop-up where you can select the number of driver seats you would like included in your plan. Click Update to save the new number of seats:

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