Setting Local Delivery for your store on Shopify

EasyRoutes for Shopify does not provide checkout or cart options for local delivery directly, but we're designed to work with the most popular apps in the Shopify App Store that helps you with this task, or Shopify's own Local Delivery settings as as well.

More info:

  • You can learn more about how Shopify's Local Delivery settings work here.
  • You can learn more about how EasyRoutes works with Shopify Local Delivery here.
  • You can use EasyRoutes with any of the Shopify apps listed here

EasyRoutes is designed to let you plan routes for any type of Shopify order in your system that has a shipping address. Whether it's someone checking out from your storefront, your POS, or whether you are using a draft order, you can use those orders for route planning. If you have orders without a shipping address (e.g. Shopify Local Pickup orders) you can also add these to EasyRoutes for routing by adding a shipping address to those orders. EasyRoutes will pull information directly from these orders and you can configure what you see in your orders table and routes in your settings.

We have more about how we work with a Shopify store here: How does EasyRoutes work with your Shopify setup and third-party apps?

Once you have your store setup, you can just plan routes by filtering orders in a few ways (e.g. by shipping method so that you only see local delivery orders).

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