How does EasyRoutes work with shipping rates?

In general, EasyRoutes allows you to plan routes for any Shopify order, no matter the shipping rate or delivery method that's used.

If you're looking to create custom shipping rates for your products, you can use Shopify's native Local Delivery features, or you can use a third party app in your cart, alongside with custom shipping rates/profiles:

  • Review documentation for Shopify's Local Delivery Method
  • Choose any of the popular pick up/delivery apps from the Shopify App Store. Some of these will support delivery zones and rates, usually through an extra plugin. Find more on the topic at this EasyRoutes support article.
  • You can use your own shipping rates or a third-party application for managing your shipping methods (e.g.
    • For example, you can use an app like Parcelify to provide a more customized pickup/local delivery rate together in your shipping setup.
  • Note: for the third party rates/apps, you'll need access to Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Shipping API. This service costs $20/month, or comes for free with Advanced Shopify. You may need to get in touch with Shopify Support for help for getting access to this.
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