How do I create a delivery zone/area?

Note: EasyRoutes doesn't directly interact with your store's cart or shipping rates but we work with all the popular solutions in the App Store for this use case and also with Shopify's local delivery and shipping rates features. If you are referring to setting up regions for when your customers checkout, check out How does EasyRoutes work with shipping rates?

Draw a delivery zone on the map and save it to use later for visual planning, order selection, and route creation.

To create a delivery zone, select the Delivery Zone icon in the map view on the Orders page.

You can select "Create delivery zone" to draw a zone (or select a shape and use "Save as delivery zone" if one is already drawn).

This will enable polygon drawing mode on the map. You can now draw shapes by clicking on the map to add points.  Note that this tool allows you to click to add individual points that will connect to create a shape on the map, and does not support "dragging" across the map to draw a shape (dragging will simply scroll the around the map).

Once you are finished, click again on the last point drawn to complete drawing. This will launch a Save modal where you can name your newly drawn delivery zone.

A zone is now displayed on the map:

You can enable, disable or delete the zone on the map using the Delivery Zone menu in the map.

If a zone is selected, you can select all the orders in a delivery zone using the "Select orders in delivery zone action".

Once orders are selected you can opt to keep or remove selected orders based on what you plan to route.

See Map Selection Tools for a description of each available action.

You can save a Delivery Zone to a new or existing view using the "Create view" or "Edit view" button above your list of orders. Once selected, name your zone and hit Save. Your delivery zone will be added as a tab or saved to the existing view.

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