How do I filter orders by delivery zone/delivery area?

EasyRoutes allows you to filter your orders by postal/zip code-based delivery zones. You can even save these zones as Filter Tabs to quickly access in the future.

To filter your orders by postal codes, go to the Order selection screen and click on the "More filters" button.

A sheet will slide out with additional filters. Go to the Postal Code section and type in the postal codes that make up your delivery zone.To include a group of codes, add an asterisk (e.g. *) after the initial characters to indicate a range to filter by. For example, M4M* looks for ZIP codes starting with M4M.

You can add as many postal codes as you need to create your zone.

As you add postal codes you will notice your list of orders will change to only show those orders.

If you like, you can then click the Save View button above your list of orders, and your delivery zone will be added as a tab.

In the future you can just click that tab and instantly see only the orders that belong in that zone. Then you can select them and create a route.

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