Can I modify the EasyRoutes tracking number in my Shopify SMS / Text notification message?

As of Mar 25, 2022, SMS notifications sent by your business through Shopify default to a non-customizable template if it's used for shipping. 

This means that any copy edits applied to transactional text messages – such as the order confirmation SMS – will revert to their original format, such as shown below.

Hi {Jane}, thanks for your purchase of {Snowboard} from {Snowdevil}. {We’re getting your order ready for delivery. We’ll notify you when it ships}. View order< 

Note that the {variables} will change based on the order details, store name, and the method of delivery (pickup or shipping). Learn more about this by reviewing this Shopify support article.

Currently, Shopify will share the order's EasyRoutes Tracking Number on this SMS notification, similar to how a UPS tracking number is shared. Our tracking link and number are both linked to an order's fulfillment. Your customer can open the tracking link directly from their order status page, or use the tracking number itself to retrieve the tracking link from our order tracker.

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