Route Page

The Route Page is what you see when you create a new route, or when you view a previously created route in your Routes. It is made up of a header section, a route map, and a list of stops, and route inventory.

On this page you can:

You can also click the more actions button at the top of the list of stops to:

  • View your list of stops on your Shopify orders page (so you can do things like bulk update tags)
  • Update your stop orders with the latest statuses, item updates, note, and tags from your orders table.
In the list of stops, you can click on a customer's name to view their information:
You can also click on the number of items to see a list of what should be included in the order. In your Settings you can also choose to display the list of items in the table itself.:
If you click on the Price you can see the payment status of the order:
At the end of each row is an action menu that lets you do a variety of actions:

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