How do I add a note for my drivers?

Are you looking to attach a note to an order for your driver to see? 

Option 1: Use "Notes" in the Order itself.

From any order's page, click the pencil icon to edit the Notes field and input any applicable information for the driver. Also, ensure that you're showing order notes to your driver in your settings under Route Display Options.

Option 2: Add a note in your stop for your driver

To do so, you must be viewing the route you wish to edit. Click on the "Actions" button (three dots icon) for the stop you wish to add a note to, and select "Edit stop"

Enter your custom note into the "Stop note" field found in the "Additional options" panel within the right-hand side column:

Once you have input the stop note, click the "Update" button to save it to the stop. Click the "Save" button to complete your route update.

This information will be shown on the order in Driver App for your driver to see either under Order note, or Stop note.

Are you looking to have your driver add their comments or notes? Your driver can also attach their own notes by using the Proof of Delivery feature.

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