How do I re-order stops in a route?

EasyRoutes orders stops in the most optimal way for you to complete your deliveries. However, you can change the order of the stops to suit your needs.

How to change the order of your stops in individual routes

There are two ways to change the order of your stops in EasyRoutes when viewing a route.

  1. Underneath the map you will find your route options and below that is a horizontal line with circles corresponding to your stops. You can click and drag any of those circles left or right to re-order your stops.
  2. When viewing the table with your list of stops, in the column farthest to the left (next to the checkbox you use to select an order), you will find an icon displaying six dots. Click and drag that icon up or down to move the entire stop to a new location in the route.

When you are happy with your new route order, click Save button to apply your changes.

How to change the order of your stops in route groups

You can also change the order of stops on a route group page by dragging and dropping stops from one route to another.

Click Save to apply your changes.
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