Resubscribing to order notifications

If you've enabled and configured EasyRoutes delivery notifications but are experiencing issues with a specific customer receiving them, it's possible that customer has unsubscribed from Roundtrip/EasyRoutes emails in the past. An order notification email will not be sent to a user if they have unsubscribed from a previous Roundtrip/EasyRoutes email, and we generally try to show this error in your Notification History:

However, the unsubscribe status of an email may not be known until after the stop notification event is initiated, which, in rare cases, may result in a successful status shown in Notification History - see these troubleshooting steps to help resolve the most common causes of notification deliverability errors.

Any end customer who has unsubscribed from Roundtrip/EasyRoutes notifications in the past can send an email to from the unsubscribed email address requesting to be resubscribed to Roundtrip emails. Our support team will reply to this email once the resubscribe request has been successfully processed.

It's also possible that notification emails may be undeliverable if a customer has marked Roundtrip/EasyRoutes emails as spam or junk in the past. In these cases, we suggest following the steps below (depending on your email provider) to reverse this:

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