How does EasyRoutes work with Shopify Inbox, the Shop app, and user account order status updates?

EasyRoutes tracking links are added to the Shopify order itself, meaning that customers can track their orders through their order status page. If you have customer accounts enabled on your store, your customers can also view their previous orders, see their order status page, and view any applicable EasyRoutes tracking information directly from their account page.


  • By default, EasyRoutes tracking links are integrated with Shopify orders - these links are generally available on fulfilled orders. Once an order is fulfilled, the order status page will display real-time shipping updates (e.g. confirmed, out for delivery, delivered) and contains the EasyRoutes tracking link - more on this below.
  • In order for this integration to have full functionality, Shopify requires the order to be fulfilled. If you use EasyRoutes' customized fulfillment workflow (e.g. only fulfill orders when they're marked Delivered), EasyRoutes is only able to add the tracking link and real-time status updates to Shopify-generated status pages from the moment of fulfillment onwards.
  • Custom EasyRoutes notifications are sent with the tracking link and tracking number, regardless of order fulfillment status; the fulfillment requirement only applies to real-time integration with Shopify communications, including status pages, customer accounts, or Inbox and Shop app integrations.

Order Confirmation / Status Pages

When your customers click the View your order button on any received order confirmation emails, they'll be taken to the order confirmation page and can input their email address and order number from this page to access any status updates that apply to that order. Customers can also click Track order with Shop to display a QR code that can be scanned from a mobile device to access their order in the Shop app:

Shopify Inbox

If you have Inbox installed on your store, EasyRoutes status updates and tracking numbers are integrated into the default Track my order Instant Answer. Customers can input their order number and email address to see the most recent updates to their order status, and quickly access their EasyRoutes tracking link:

For further information on installing and configuring Inbox for your store, see this Shopify support article.

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