How does EasyRoutes work with Shopify POS?

A bit more on our app... EasyRoutes is designed to let you plan routes for any type Shopify order in your system that has a shipping address. Whether it's someone checking out from your storefront, your POS, or whether you are using a draft order, you can use those orders for route planning. 

EasyRoutes does not have a POS app, but if you are creating an order on POS with the desired shipping profile these can get picked up for delivery in EasyRoutes. Or if it makes more sense for your workflow to capture these as Draft Orders, there are POS apps that help with that task as well, and you can add a tag or note for capturing details like a scheduled delivery date with a Draft Order as well. Separately, we are compatible with popular third party apps that help with checkout that also provide a POS solution for adding orders with specific local delivery details as well.

If you have orders without a shipping address (e.g. Shopify Local Pickup orders) you can also add these to EasyRoutes for routing once you add a shipping address to those orders. EasyRoutes will also pull information directly from these orders and you can configure what you see in your orders table and routes in your settings. We have more about how we work with a Shopify store here: How does EasyRoutes work with your Shopify setup and third-party apps?

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