📖 Address Book

The address book feature is currently available for paid plans only.

The address book lets you manage your frequently used custom stops in EasyRoutes. Create address book entries with customer names, addresses, and manual items and you'll be able to easily add them to your new and existing routes. The address book also enables bulk importing of custom stops from a CSV file.

The address book is accessible for planning new routes from the main Orders screen, as well as the Add orders tabs on Route and Group pages to add to your existing routes:

Within the address book dialog, you can manually add and edit entries using the "New address" button, then use the checkbox(es) to select one or more and add to your route:

Frequently used entries can be pinned to the top of the address book by clicking the star icon to the left of any entry's name.

Imported addresses from CSV files:

The address book also allows for bulk importing of custom stops from CSV files. Clicking on the "Import history" tab will show a list of all previous CSV imports and enable the "Import new CSV" button. Additional details on CSV import workflows and file format requirements can be found here.

Click the eye icon to the right of any previous CSV import to view a list of stops that are associated with that imported CSV:

From the "Import history" tab, any previously imported CSVs can be deleted or renamed by clicking the "Action" (three dots) menu:

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