Certain items are not appearing in my order or stop

If you have items that you expect to see in your order that are not appearing, review the following possible causes and remedies.

Non-shippable items are hidden

From your EasyRoutes Settings > General tab, from the Fulfillment items section, ensure that the Include non-shippable items checkbox is selected:

When not checked, EasyRoutes will filter out items on orders where "This is a physical product" is not checked:

EasyRoutes will also filter out custom items where "Item is a physical product" is not checked:

In general we recommend using "Item is a physical product" even for "non physical products" such as service requests and collection services since doing so will ensure a customer enters a shipping address during checkout. This way EasyRoutes will include such items on routes and create fulfillments for them as well when stops are completed. You may want to configure your Shopify shipping rates to achieve the desired effect during checkout.

Examples of products where where you may want to keep "Item is a physical product" not checked would be digital goods and services that can be fulfilled without a delivery of any sort taking place.

If you believe your orders contain items that should require shipping:

  • For current orders, you can create a second draft order with the same item, zeroed and with shipping checked. You can use that order in EasyRoutes, and you should then be able to fulfill that order as you normally would. Once delivered, you can go into the original set of orders to mark them as fulfilled separately as well. More on the topic can be found at this Shopify Community thread.
  • For future orders, ensure that you have updated your products so that "This is a physical product" is checked. Also ensure that "Item is a physical product" is checked for any custom items added to Draft Orders.
  • For any inquiries related to editing orders, contact Shopify support directly for further assistance.

Your orders have updated outside of EasyRoutes

EasyRoutes loads your Shopify orders each time you open the app. If your EasyRoutes session is very old it's possible that orders may have been edited outside of EasyRoutes. This can be fixed by simply reloading EasyRoutes.

Relatedly, if you created a route with Shopify orders that have since been edited, you can update order data for a route. See this EasyRoutes support article for more details.

You still do not see a desired item on a route

Review this EasyRoutes support article for more on troubleshooting fulfillments. It's likely that you have selected a fulfillment that does not contain your desired item.

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