How does Payment Status work? Can I see which orders need COD or payment collection?

On Shopify, the payment status for an order can have the following statuses

  • Authorized
  • Paid
  • Partially refunded
  • Partially paid
  • Pending
  • Refunded
  • Unpaid
  • Voided

Paid or partially paid: When a credit card payment has been captured, or a payment using an offline or custom payment method has been marked as received, then the payment status of the order is Paid. When you capture the payment for an order, you can specify how much of the full value of the order that you want to capture. If you capture less than the full amount of the order, then the order's payment status is Partially paid.

Pending: Orders that have a Pending status have not yet been paid.

Authorized: Depending on your checkout settings, payments are either captured manually or automatically. If your store is set up for manual capture, then new credit card payments have a status of Authorized.

Refunded, partially refunded or voided: When you cancel an order, the payment status changes to either Refunded or Voided. For an order where the payment hasn't yet been captured, the payment status is listed as Voided. For orders with captured payments, the payment is Refunded. If you partially refund an order with a captured payment, then the status is Partially refunded.

Ensure that you have Price as a setting enabled in your order and route options. Then drivers will be able to use that information to help indicate that collection is needed.

Learn more about how to use driver notes or tasks for collecting COD here.

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