Does EasyRoutes support collecting Cash On Delivery (COD)?

You can take advantage of the Proof of Delivery and/or Driver Tasks feature, paired with route exporting to effectively track any collected COD payments: 

  • How do I attach proof of delivery?
    • Drivers can use the "Add note" button and manually input any COD payments collected for each stop.
    • Route planners can update their settings (EasyRoutes Settings -> Driver Settings) to require a driver to enter a note before marking a stop as delivered or attempted, so that drivers must confirm that they've collected a payment:

  • Driver Tasks
    • Adding a number input-type Driver task can prompt drivers to input any COD collected for a stop before marking the stop as delivered.

  • How do I export routes/stops?
    • Exporting stop data for a route and including Price, Proof of delivery, and Individual task items (shown below) will provide a spreadsheet format of all stops on a route including their total prices, as well as any Proof of Delivery notes or payment collected via Driver Tasks by drivers while delivering:

While EasyRoutes does not directly integrate with updating payment status for an order, or handle payment collection directly within the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app, we do integrate to read an order's payment status.

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