Troubleshooting Steps for Finding an Order on the Orders Page

Are you not seeing an order that you expect to see when you are filtering for an order? 

Here are some troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Confirm that your orders have loaded on EasyRoutes

EasyRoutes loads all orders asynchronously on launch and will display orders in batches when filtering. If the size of orders returned by the filters is large, it's possible that some orders are not being selected because they have not loaded yet. You may need to refresh EasyRoutes to see new orders.


a. Reload EasyRoutes

b. Scroll to the bottom of the Orders page after applying the filters, do you see a loading spinner?

c. Wait for the spinner at the bottom of the table to disappear and the message to say that orders have been loaded.

Step 2:  Confirm that your filters are working as expected

There is a chance that your filters are not working as expected. We can ensure that this order is in EasyRoutes by searching for a specific order that you think is missing by its order number.


a. In your Orders page, click on "New Route".

b. Remove the "Contains Address" filter.

c. Type the order number in. Wait until EasyRoutes has loaded all your orders. 

Does this order show up now? If so, then you likely have a filter setting that is excluding this order, and you may need to modify your filters and update your workflow and review the common causes below.

Step 3: Confirm that your order is within the time window in your EasyRoutes Settings for "Show orders from the last: <time window>"

It's also possible that orders are too old to display in the the orders table. Orders older than 60 days will not show by default. See our help article on viewing orders older than 60 days to learn how to request a greater threshold, then repeat step 2.

Is the order still not showing up in EasyRoutes at all?

Common causes:

  • You may not have selected the tag that you think you have selected in your filters (e.g. you have multiple tags that are spelled or spaced differently that refer to the same text)
  • Your order is missing a shipping address, and you have not removed the "contains address" filter
  • You may have selected a filter unintentionally (e.g. the order was fulfilled, etc.)

Still running into issues after reviewing our troubleshooting steps? Contact support for help.

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