Legacy Plan Migration Guide

We updated our pricing plans in March 2022 to make doing your own deliveries on Shopify even easier. We have provided extended access to all Legacy plan users to stay on their old plans until August 31, 2022, after which they will be prompted to pick one of our new pricing plans.

Note: Support for Legacy Plans concluded on January 11, 2023.

This article has been put together to help you prepare for this plan migration to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Table of Contents

What are the new plans?

Our plans are now: Standard at $30 per driver seat  per month and Premium at $45 per driver seat per month – alongside our Free plan. Each tier lets you pick the kind of delivery experience you would like to provide to your customers. Premium plan users in the US and Canada also have the option to add-on custom SMS delivery notifications for an added $15 per driver seat per month.

What's changed in the new plans?

  • All the new plans now have access to our driver apps (including our Free plan).
  • Sharing routes is much faster — no more having to copy and paste links, EasyRoutes will send links via SMS when you click the Dispatch button.
  • Create and customize order tracking pages to keep your customers informed. Add your logo, brand colours, and change any of the text (Standard & Premium plans only)
  • Create, brand and customize your delivery notifications. Our editor makes it easy to craft the perfect emails, all without needing to know any Liquid Code like with Shopify's emails (Premium plan only).
  • Along with being able to schedule routes, you can now assign them to any driver in your roster using a simple drop-down menu.
  • If you have a busy delivery weekend, you can add extra driver seats for just that weekend and remove them afterwards. Instead of paying for a full month, we'll prorate the charges so you only pay for the days the extra seats were active.  This makes it super easy to scale your fleet up and down as needed.

Important information to know before you upgrade

  • Since upgrading plans is changing your subscription with EasyRoutes, you will need access to a staff account that has the permissions to approve app charges. Here are some additional tips:
    • If you are a staff account user that does not have the permission to approve app charges, then either have an administrator grant your account the permission to approve app charges (even just for EasyRoutes), or to request that someone with access change your plan.
    • Adding additional driver seats will also require the same permissions. It may be helpful to confirm the desired number of seats ahead of time if you are an account that does not have billing access.
  • Upgrade your plan before dispatching any routes for the day. Changing plans while a driver is in the middle of a route could disrupt their deliveries.
  • Prepare a list of your drivers' phone numbers. After you upgrade your plan you will need to add your drivers using their phone numbers before they can be dispatched routes.
  • If your drivers are not already using the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app (available for both IOS and Android) for their deliveries, ask them to download it and create their account. That way when you add your drivers in EasyRoutes, they will be ready to be activated and assigned to routes when needed. If not, the driver will be in a "pending" state in EasyRoutes until that driver creates their account.
  • All drivers must use the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app for their deliveries as the browser-based delivery view is being deprecated.

Important information to know after you upgrade

  • After you upgrade, you will want to review your EasyRoutes Settings to confirm your settings and check out some of our new functionality. In our Settings is also where you can add your drivers. After adding drivers, you will need to activate the drivers you want to use for your deliveries.
  • Each plan comes with one driver seat. If you are delivering by yourself, you can type in your own phone number to add yourself to that driver seat.
  • If you activate more than one driver, you will be prompted to pay for those additional driver seats. Once you have a set amount of driver seats, you can swap any driver(s) in and out of them. You will only be prompted to accept new charges if you remove seats or add additional ones. If you change the number of seats you have over the course of the month and we'll prorate the charges so you only pay for the time used.

We are here to support you and your deliveries

Thank you for choosing EasyRoutes — we hope to help with your deliveries for years to come and we look forward to continuing to make EasyRoutes even better for you.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

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