How do I set a time per stop (Stop Times)?

EasyRoutes allows you to specify a time per stop in minutes. You would want to do this if you are using our ETA feature, as it allows you to add the appropriate amount of time needed to drop of an order before heading to your next stop.

You can specify your stop time in your Route Options on your Orders Page.

If you have already create a route and want to edit stop times, click the Edit button at the top of your list of stops on your Route Page.

You can bulk edit stop times by selecting the stops you want to apply the new stop time to, and clicking the "Edit Stop Time(s)" button.

You can also edit the stop times for individual stops by clicking on the Actions menu for the stop and clicking "Edit Stop"
You can then update your stop time.

Click the save button.

Click the save button at the top of your list of stops once more to save your final edits to your route.

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