Where can I see delivery instructions from a Shopify Local Delivery Order?

Update - March 2024: Support for accessing Delivery Instructions for Local Delivery orders has been included in a recent Shopify API release candidate. EasyRoutes now parses and includes this information alongside any other order notes - this feature will remain in beta (and may not behave as expected) until this version of the Shopify API is officially released, which is expected in April 2024.

Based on what's available from Shopify's APIs at present, delivery instructions text entered into a local delivery order isn't accessible. Third-party apps (including ours) can't access this text directly. For more, here's a thread - this has been missing functionality from Shopify since June 2020.

We have been in touch with Shopify regarding when they would make that accessible and also we have let them know that this generally isn't a great experience for all merchants. As soon as they have it available, we'll be showing this data on EasyRoutes.

For now, if you put that information into an Order's notes section, we show that in the route and for the driver (more on Driver Notes here). It's also possible to collect instructions via order notes this way in most themes. (e.g. see "Enable cart notes" on Shopify Help Centre).

You can also persist information for a customer using the Customer note feature on Shopify -- you can enable your orders or routes to show this data in your Settings.

While there's no clear workaround for disabling the collection in the delivery instruction field, you can look into changing the string in the checkout page so that your customers are not using this field as you start collecting these instructions elsewhere - believe it or not here's a thread on this.

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