How do I add custom stops from outside Shopify?

EasyRoutes supports the addition of orders or stops from outside of your Shopify orders in the following ways:

  • Address Book: Use our address book to add custom stops in your routes.
  • Import Orders from CSV: Upload a .CSV file containing your delivery list. Your CSV file must include a header row and must contain at least one column of delivery addresses in the following format: Street Number and Name, Unit Number (if applicable), City, State/Province (if applicable), Country
  • Add a Custom Stop: Use the Add Custom Stop functionality to add a stop to an existing route - this is useful for adding manual orders that are already in your other systems, or other stops that drivers must make on the route.
  • Use a Draft Order: Create a Draft Order in your Shopify admin that you can then route directly in EasyRoutes. This allows you to cross link a draft order with your customer and inventory information as needed. It also helps you continue to process this order with workflows around fulfillment within Shopify.
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