Customer chooses a different shipping method than your store's Supertime method at checkout (local delivery, pickup, etc.) and handling when shipping methods differ or rescheduling dates

Supertime is designed to help you easily collect dates in your cart page, and we do not directly manage your shipping methods. Review this support article for more information on how Supertime works with your store's Shipping Rates, Setting Prices, Local Pickup, Local Delivery, or Delivery Methods. 

However, it's possible to be in a scenario where your customers to choose a different shipping method than what they may have chosen in the cart as Supertime does not have the ability to integrate directly with the checkout process, which is only available to Shopify Plus users. 

You may also have a scenario where a customer wants to reschedule, or change their delivery method (e.g. they are free to come pick up an order)

Recommended best practices:

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