Customer chooses a date or time in the past or a a date or time that should not be available

As a technical limitation of being a cart-based app for collecting date and time information, in some rare cases (e.g. if you have abandoned carts enabled, or if someone hits checkout in the cart and waits for a very long time before they complete the checkout process), a customer can use the Supertime data that they selected at an earlier to complete a checkout later with a date that's expired or past your fulfillment date.

We currently also count an order towards the order limit after an order is successfully checked out. If there is an available timeslot or date and multiple customers get to your cart at the same time, they can proceed to checkout at the same time. In this situation, it is possible that your order limit will be exceeded and that these customer may select these dates/times at the same time.

Recommended steps:

  • You can confirm when a customer made their date or time selection in the cart page by reviewing their "Supertime Selected" value under an order's additional details and compare that to when the customer completes the actual checkout in the order.
  • You also can usually make sense of these cases by reviewing your Order timeline.
  • You may decide how to handle that case differently but likely it's best to just connect directly with the customer.
  • In addition to order limits from Supertime, it may be helpful to consider tracking inventory or other third-party apps for preventing overselling.
  • Review this link for instructions on disabling abandoned carts if required, or review this link to adjust your abandoned cart email.
  • More best practices can be found here.
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