Change the abandoned cart email link from checkout to the cart

If abandoned checkouts are enabled on your store, then it's possible for customers to checkout directly and bypass Supertime. This usually leads to customers having stale information (e.g. a delivery date in the past)

You either need to disable abandoned cart on your store or you can update your abandoned cart email to link to the cart page instead, with some limitations:


  1. In Shopify Settings > Notifications, click Abandoned checkout.
  2. In the Email body, search for
    {{ url }}
  3. Replace {{ url }} with
    {{ shop.url }}/cart
  4. Click Save.

Now, when a customer uses the abandoned cart email to checkout, the "Items in your cart" link go the cart page, and your customer can use Supertime for selecting an updated date. However, there are some limitations to consider by loading the cart (e.g. their cart expires after 14 days and if they load this link on a different device, then the cart may contain different items)

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