Do I need to do anything if I re-install or uninstall Supertime?

Supertime is designed to be easy to set up. The app is loaded via the script tag, uninstalling Supertime just requires following the standard uninstall process for a Shopify App from the Shopify App Store:

1. Starting from your Shopify admin dashboard, click on your Settings page.

2. Then, click on the Apps and sales channels section. 
3. Locate the app you'd like to uninstall (in this case, Supertime Delivery Date Picker), click the Uninstall button next to it.

4. Click Delete on the popup.

Once uninstalled, Supertime will not be in your cart, or collecting information from your customers on future orders. 

If you have further customized your store and theme to use Supertime, review these additional steps below.

Additional Steps for Uninstallation

If you have updated your theme template files as a part of using Supertime, you will need to revert those changes. You can do so using Shopify’s theme rollback feature. You may want to perform these steps before uninstallation.

  • If there were customizations made to your theme to support Supertime for using our widget's custom placement mode, you may want to rollback those changes on your theme.
  • If you have disabled your cart's checkout buttons by default and were using Supertime to manage enabling these buttons, you will want to rollback these changes (usually found in your cart-template.liquid file) - otherwise your checkout button may stay disabled if it is not also managed by other third-party apps.
  • If you have customized notification templates and your post-checkout confirmation, you may want to remove these from your templates even if you may not be seeing these on future orders. Your past orders may show the Supertime information that you have collected if you still have these customizations. So be sure to update your templates if you previously customized your email templates and your checkout's additional settings to include our attributes.
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