Adding Supertime date, time and method to Packing Slips or POS Receipts

Shopify's Packing Slips and POS receipts do not support showing order attributes. However, You can turn on "Add Supertime details to Order Notes" under Additional Settings store to Supertime details in your order notes, and print that in your packing slips and POS receipts.

This setting only applies moving forward. You may need to add these details to order notes yourself for past orders.

Steps for Confirming that POS Receipts have Order Notes:

1. You have turned on "Add Supertime detail to Order Notes"
2. You see Supertime details in the order notes section

If the above is there, then Supertime is importing to Order Notes.Next, here are steps to confirm that you can print Order Notes.

3. Confirm that you have the Print Order Notes option enabled in your Shopify POS: help link
4. Test printing an order with Order Notes to confirm that this is working

Other Solutions

Also, there are other apps that can generate packing slips where you have access to order attributes, including Shopify's own Order Printer app. You can pull in Supertime attributes into those templates. Here is a relevant community thread with more details.

Please review this article on how to make a packing slip on the Shopify Order Printer app.

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